Taking Down Walls

An open layout in the home today is important for many people because they crave personal space, and this is an option that gives it to them without the need to expand their home. Taking down walls is often an exciting idea, but it must be done properly to add value to the home. For those with little or no experience, it can be one of the easier projects they tackle. Their biggest investment might be hiring an engineer to make sure the walls they want to remove are not necessary to keep their roof over their heads.

The outside walls of any structure are generally connected to both the roof and the foundation, and they bear the weight of the roof and keep it from falling. Some interior walls have the same function, but it is not always apparent, so hiring an engineer to take a good look at the structure first is a good investment. As long as the wall is not part of the support system for the house, it can be taken out with no additional work necessary.

Supporting the home properly is a good way to retain the value of the home, so any wall that supports the roof will need a beam added to keep the house safe. Adding it can be done by those who prefer to do their own work, so they must get the exact dimensions of it from the engineer. Installing it properly can also be information their expert can provide, and they can cover up the beam with drywall or cladding if necessary.

Opening up a wall doubles the light coming in because the expanded area then has the light from windows in at least two rooms of the home. Parents today want to be able to watch their children in any room, so giving them clear sight lines across multiple areas is also a bonus that will add value to their home.